A Machine Learning Driven Geo-intelligent Locality Recommendation System (LoReS) for finding the real estate properties based on customer segmentation approach.

Why I did the project?

The idea behind developing LoReS was sparked when I was searching for a place to stay during my masters in Pune. There was certain criteria in my mind for the place like it should be near the college, budget should be feasible, accessibility to public transport etc. The geospatial geek inside asked me you how difficult was it to find one for you, can’t you build a solution for this afterall its a location problem? Thus LoReS was born.


Language Python, Javascript
Framework Geo-django
Database PostgreSQL
ML Algorithm Colaborative Filter

Screenshot of LoReS Application

Published Date

December 2019


Sorry folks, the code is closed now. Commitment to a commerical project doesnot allow me to publish it as Open Source. :(